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Job Opportunities

Dude RanchLooking for guest ranches in Colorado? The Majestic Dude Ranch is located 35 miles west of Durango, Colorado, Lake Mancos Ranch has been in operation since 1956. We consider it to be an extension of our home. As owners, we share our meals and all of the ranch activities with our guests. After evening activities, we like to join our guests in the lodge around the fire to recount stories about the day's events and the history of the area. We set this friendly tone and expect our staff to carry it throughout their work.

We expect our staff to give 110% and be prepared to work hard in an environment that is different, challenging, exciting, and fun. A Colorado guest ranch job sounds very exciting and arouses images of cowboys riding the range, rodeos, and fireside sing along. We have cowboys, but working on a guest ranch is not glamorous. It is more akin to a combination motel, restaurant, and concession stand. We are not a ranch that devotes it's time to rounding up cows, pampering ranch animals, or taking romantic rides into the sunset. We are a ranch that has meals to cook, beds to make, toilets to scrub, floors to mop, yards to mow and plumbing to unclog. But, YES, we have a beautiful place to work--Colorado! The friendships you make and the experiences you gain will last a lifetime.

Before considering our application, you must be willing to put in long hours with great enthusiasm. Those who do not have a willing, hard working attitude, or find it difficult to live or get along with others will be asked to leave immediately. It can be quite expensive to come such a long way to find out that you are not qualified for the job.


Our summer season starts the first weekend of June and runs through September. Most of our staff arrive mid May and stay through the end of August. We reduce our capacity during the month of September with our adults only program, so it's helpful to have a few staff that can stay through the first week of October.


Dude Ranch StaffMost positions at Lake Mancos Ranch involve guest interaction. We like our staff to have good social etiquette while on ranch property. Also necessary for our staff is a neat, clean, conservative appearance. We do have a dress code for our staff and you will likely be required to purchase part or all of your clothing. Our dress code consists of dressing the part. You are working on a guest ranch and we require you to dress appropriately. Female employees with long hair must keep it pulled back and keep make-up, jewelry, and perfume to a minimum. Male employees are expected to be shaven when reporting to work and beards and mustaches kept neatly trimmed. Long hair must be presentable. We will not hire anyone with visible tattoos or body piercing other than the ears. Our guidelines for social conduct are not to be taken lightly. We have high expectations for our staff and expect them to comply.

Absolutely No Alcohol Allowed On Ranch Premises. We Will Not Tolerate Drug And/Or Alcohol Abuse!

Housing, Meals and Community Living

Dude Ranch SteaksHousing and meals are provided for our staff. Staff meals are prepared at different times than the guests. You must be present if you want to eat. You will live in dormitory housing so expect one to two room mates. Each person is responsible for the upkeep of the common eating area and housing areas. Please realize you will be living with the same people 24 hours a day for three months. Cars are not necessary, but not discouraged. As a courtesy to the management and other staff members, you are asked to notify management if you plan on leaving the ranch grounds. We like to know in case of emergency. We highly discourage letting others use your vehicle. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS!! Staff are not allowed to have overnight guests. SMOKING IS HIGHLY DISCOURAGED AMONG STAFF AND ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN WHILE ON THE JOB! Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Job Descriptions

We hire 25-30 staff members (male & female). Those who are hired must have the knowledge and skill for the job applying for. All staff will be hired for specific assignments including kitchen assistant, recreation counselors, dining room servers, and maids. We are interested in the smooth and efficient operation of the ranch and the best possible service for our guest. Every job plays an important role in the efficient operation of the ranch. In addition to the job position, certain chores relating to community living are shared by ALL staff members which include sharing chores in the staff dining room, helping with dinner dishes, and answering the staff phone.

Job Positions: In all positions, efficiency, organization, a ready smile and willing attitude is a must.

Positions Include:

  • Dining room servers, kitchen assistants, maids, recreation counselors, wranglers, maintenance, Office assistant.
  • Recreation counselors must have experience with children and some horse experience.
  • Wranglers must complete video portion of application.
  • People interested in Cook, Head Housekeeper, Head Dining Room or Head Maintenance positions should send
  • Resume or contact Lake Mancos Ranch for more information.

About the Application

We accept applications anytime. While we like to do most of our hiring before April, we occasionally have last minute changes even as late as mid-June, and sometimes find the need for extra help at the end of our season.

Please realize there are several parts to the application. Read thoroughly!

Getting to the Ranch

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the ranch. We will meet buses or planes in Cortez or Durango.

Application Forms

The following applications are available online:

General Application: PART 1

Wrangler Job Description & Video Demonstration Guidelines


MAJESTIC DUDE RANCH - General Application
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Email wrangler & Maintenance applications to;
Please mail, fax, or email to the address above.
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