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Majestic Dude Ranch is a luxury dude ranch in Colorado.


A Luxury Dude Ranch Colorado


Below you will find some common asked questions and answers about our luxury dude ranch in Colorado.

Why change the name from Lake Mancos to Majestic Dude Ranch?

The owner's story is very similar to the movie "The Majestic" with Jim Carrey.  So much so, that Frank Darabont (director) and Michael Sloane (screenwriter) delivered a signed poster to Robert.  Also, when Robert first saw the Colorado guest ranch and the area, he couldn't think of a more fitting name.

Do you offer any specials or discounts?

We offer several discounts from our already low all-inclusive rates daily Online, but feel free to contact us anytime at 800-325-9462.  We are able to provide discounted rates on groups, corporate retreats, large families…

What is the weather like at the ranch?

Our summer and fall season is extremely temperate with most days in the mid 70's - 80's and nights in the upper 50's - mid 60's. Southwest Colorado averages 300 sunny days but we do have several programs prepared in case of rain.  Also there are virtually no mosquitoes and snakes to worry about at our 8000 ft. elevation.

Do my kids have to participate in the family counselor program?

It's entirely up to you to have your kids in all, some or no programs at the ranch. If you elect to keep the family together, you will likely be paired with another family with kids around the same age group.

I'm an "A List" actor interested in staying at your ranch - do you offer special accommodations?

Everyone that stays at our ranch is "A list" - you'll be treated as if you're part of our extended family. In the past we've had Johnny Carson, Henry Kissinger and Nelson Rockefeller stay at the ranch so you're in good company.

Should I bring a car to the ranch?

We offer free shuttle rides to and from both the Durango and Cortez Airport so it's not necessary. However, if you are interested in visiting some amazing sites close to the ranch, having a car isn't a bad idea.

Do we need to bring anything to the ranch other than clothes?

We have everything you need including cowboy boots and fishing equipment to borrow but you're welcome to bring your own.  We also have a general store on the ranch that offers many items at a reasonable price.

If we don't have kids - will we still be able to book during family weeks?

Of course, you'll be placed with other adults while kids are busy (really busy) doing activities with their counselors.  And our adult weeks run from August 21 - September 24.

I've never been on a horse – do you offer non-rider discounts?

We offer discounts to non riders – but once you see our horses and staff, you might change your mind.  We cater to all riders from beginners to seasoned veterans.  We have both a head wrangler and a corral manager to make sure we select the right horse for your ability.  And with over 2 million acres of access, we make sure there is something new and interesting for every trail ride.

If our kids are under six years old - will they be able to ride?

Yes. Even though they won't be able to ride independently on a trail, they will be guided by a wrangler and make sure they get plenty of saddle time in our 30,000 square foot arena.

Do you have wireless and cell phone coverage?

We offer free wireless and our cell coverage is excellent despite the remote location.

Do you offer helmets?

We provide mandatory helmets for mountain biking and baseball. Helmets for horseback riding are not required. We suggest guests who bring their own helmets make sure they are properly fitted by a professional before arrival.

How are gratuities handled?

Our number one question at the ranch because our staff is really special.  There is no individual tipping on the ranch since there are so many behind the scenes people that make sure your vacation is special.  At the end of your stay you will have the option to include a gratuity and we will divide it up evenly amongst the staff.  Typical gratuities range from 10% to 18% but you are not obligated nor expected to leave a tip.

What's the best way to book a flight to the ranch?

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